Inactive Roster

Our inactive roster shows the players that have been represented by Schwartz and Feinsod since 1992.

We are proud of all members of the Schwartz and Feinsod family.  Below is a listing of past players.

2018 Inactive Roster

  • Pjalexander

    PJ Alexander

    Offensive Line - Broncos
  • Chrisbaker2

    Chris Baker

    Tight End - Jets
  • Lcb

    LeCharles Bentley

    Offensive Line - Saints
  • 250809

    Adam Bergen

    Tight End - Cardinals
  • Tb

    Tony Berti

    Offensive Line - Chargers
  • 53e5a3a1a435c.image

    Taylor Boggs

    Offensive Line - Bears
  • Mb

    Marquez Branson

    Tight End - Broncos
  • 11456184

    Michael Brewster

    Offensive Line - Dolphins
  • Db

    Doug Brzezinski

    Offensive Line - Panthers
  • Kb

    Keith Bulluck

    Linebacker - Titans
  • Bernard-pierce-baltimore-ravens-delone-carter-

    Delone Carter

    Running Back - Steelers
  • Bc

    Byron Chamberlain

    Tight End - Vikings
  • Mc

    Martin Chase

    Defensive Line - Saints
  • Images

    Kenny Clark

    Wide Receiver - Vikings
  • Ac

    Anthony Clement

    Offensive Line - Jets
  • Mc

    Mike Cloud

    Running Back - Patriots
  • Cc

    Chris Colmer

    Offensive Line - Buccaneers
  • Crawford

    Regis Crawford

    Offensive Line - Bengals
  • Jamesdarling

    James Darling

    Linebacker - Cardinals
  • Td

    Terrell Davis

    Running Back
  • Screen shot 2015-05-11 at 11.53.41 am

    CJ Davis

    Offensive Line - Seahawks
  • Unknown

    Kai De La Cruz

    Wide Receiver - Dolphins
  • Dedrick

    Doug Dedrick

    Offensive Line
  • Unknown

    Reese Dismukes

    Offensive Line - Panthers
  • Md

    Marques Douglas

    Defensive Line
  • Hicham-el-mashtoub

    Hicham El Mashtoub

    Offensive Line
  • Af

    Anthony Felder

    Linebacker - Chargers
  • Mf

    Mike Fladell

    Offensive Line
  • Sf

    Steve Fleming

    Tight End
  • A8f29phcyaaws f

    Donnie Fletcher

    Defensive Back - Jets
  • Friedman2

    Lennie Friedman

    Offensive Line
  • Dustin-fry

    Dustin Fry

    Offensive Line
  • Wg

    Wayne Gandy

    Offensive Line
  • Dg

    Daryl Gardener

    Defensive Line
  • Tg

    Talman Gardner

    Wide Receiver
  • Images-1

    Beau Gardner

    Tight End - Falcons
  • Rg

    Ronald Girault

  • Lg

    Lamar Gordon

    Running Back
  • 500x305-20130513-tyronne-green

    Tyronne Green

    Offensive Line - Panthers
  • Griffin

    Kris Griffin

  • Dh

    Darrell Hackney

    Quarter Back
  • Unknown

    Rannell Hall

    Wide Receiver - Browns
  • Jh

    Justin Harper

    Wide Receiver
  • Dherron

    David Herron

  • Ike-hilliard

    Ike Hilliard

    Wide Receiver
  • Augie-hoffmann

    Augie Hoffmann

    Offensive Line
  • Darius-holland

    Darius Holland

    Defensive Line
  • Montrae holland

    Montrae Holland

    Offensive Line - Cowboys
  • Jesse-holley

    Jesse Holley

    Wide Receiver
  • 120985968 extra large

    Jeremy Horne

    Wide Receiver - Chiefs
  • C houston 111002 vs

    Chris Houston

    Defensive Back - Panthers
  • Dearrius-howard

    De’Arrius Howard

    Running Back
  • Brandon-hoyte

    Brandon Hoyte

  • Screen shot 2015-05-11 at 11.58.16 am

    Vincent Jackson

    Wide Receiver - Buccaneers
  • Ray-jackson

    Ray Jackson

    Defensive Back
  • Kelly

    Lewis Kelly

    Offensive Line
  • Pete-kendall

    Pete Kendall

    Offensive Line
  • Klabo

    Chuck Klabo

    Offensive Line
  • Lawson-focus-set-edge-cp-1

    Manny Lawson

    Linebacker - Bills
  • Ricky-logo

    Ricky Logo

    Defensive Line
  • Lewis

    Cliff Louis

    Offensive Line
  • Chris-mcduffie

    Chris McDuffie

    Offensive Line
  • Bob-meeks

    Bob Meeks

    Offensive Line
  • Mewelde-moore

    Mewelde Moore

    Running Back
  • Marques-murrell

    Marques Murrell

  • Jamar-nesbit

    Jamar Nesbit

    Offensive Line
  • Dan-orner

    Dan Orner

  • Jeff otah

    Jeff Otah

    Offensive Line - Panthers
  • Patterson

    David Patterson

    Defensive Line
  • Phillips

    Brandon Phillips

    Offensive Line
  • Pnkston-image

    Jason Pinkston

    Offensive Line - Browns
  • Andrew-pinnock

    Andrew Pinnock

  • Todd-pollack

    Todd Pollack

    Tight End
  • Screen shot 2015-05-11 at 11.10.26 am

    Darrelle Revis

    Defensive Back - Jets
  • Barryrichardsonrams

    Barry Richardson

    Offensive Line - Lions
  • Sean-ryan

    Sean Ryan

    Tight End
  • images

    Austin Shepherd

    Offensive Line - Chargers
  • Pat-simonds

    Pat Simonds

    Wide Receiver
  • Crop 20623410312

    John Skelton

    Quarter Back - Alouettes
  • Tightendmain

    Stephen Skelton

    Tight End - Texans
  • 5611002

    Shaun Smith

    Defensive Line - Chiefs
  • Lamar-smith

    Lamar Smith

    Running Back
  • Kelvin-smith

    Kelvin Smith

  • Jim-sprotte

    Jim Sprotte

  • Reggie-stephens ravens

    Reggie Stephens

    Offensive Line - Ravens
  • Stro

    Andrew Strojny

    Offensive Line
  • Mike-teel

    Mike Teel

    Quarter Back
  • Rob-turner

    Robert Turner

    Offensive Line - Bears
  • 593253644

    Craig Watts

    Offensive Line - Jets
  • Kansas-city-chiefs-carolina-panthers

    Travelle Wharton

    Offensive Line - Panthers
  • Roster-sample-non-cut

    Roddy White

    Wide Receiver - Falcons
  • Julius

    Julius Wilson

    Offensive Line
  • 82514661 crop 650x440

    Tony Wragge

    Offensive Line - Ravens
  • Dusty-ziegler

    Dusty Ziegler

    Offensive Line

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