All Inclusive Training, Preparation, & Focus

Your college “experience” is over and now your preparing for the league ... It’s like being in “no man's land”, but there’s only one thing that should be on your mind: Prepare, Train, Improve—get to the NFL while enhancing your draft value ...

This requires focus. This requires professional assistance. While most agents offer some type of pre-combine camp, there’s not one remotely equal to the experience offered by Schwartz & Feinsod. The amenities, housing, nutrition, and training expertise is superior. It’s everything you need to stay focused and improve your draft value ... Here’s a brief description of what you can expect during your combine camp experience:

  1. STRENGTH, CONDITIONING, & COMBINE TRAINING (LIMIT OF 12 PLAYERS): We provide the nations premier sports training, conditioning, and rehab facility for professional football players—our players will receive the most extensive and progressive one-on-one training/coaching in extremely modern/professional facilities.
  2. HOUSING, TRAVEL, & TRANSPORTATION: Schwartz & Feinsod has secured an extraordinary home in a beautifully secluded neighborhood approximately 8 minutes from our training facility. This 6 bedroom 4.5 bathroom home provides each athlete with their own bedroom, furniture, access to all amenities, a full-service kitchen, and other (video games, stereo, HD-TV, premium television, and regularly scheduled maid service) ... In addition, transportation is provided to/from the training facilities along with vehicles for personal use and activities outside of training purposes.
  3. DIET, NUTRITION, & SUPPLEMENTATION: The most important necessity that ensures prompt recovery after rigorous workouts/training is a proper diet, good nutritional balance, and supplementation ... Each player undergoes an analysis of their diet, metabolic rate, and physical health in an effort to create an individual program that delivers the appropriate balance of food, nutrients, and supplementation ... This diet regiment—with the word diet referring to a “scientific approach to eating” and not restriction of food—provides the fuel the player needs to recover, aggressively workout, and perform at his absolute best! And yes, there’s even a chef to prepare those meals that every player needs to stay on top of his game. All supplements, nutrition, foods, and fluids required are provided by Schwartz & Feinsod.
  4. SPORTS MASSAGE: Training takes its toll on your body ... An expert massage is proven to speed recovery time and get you back to the gym faster. This often overlooked component will bring balance to your regimen. You’ll quickly feel the difference with improved flexibility, better endurance, and less muscle soreness.
  5. TRAINING FOOTWEAR & APPAREL: Schwartz & Feinsod, through their long established relationships with major shoe and sportswear manufacturers, will provide each player with state of the art footwear, apparel, and training gear.

Training and Preparation Player Interviews

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NFL Combine Facts


The NFL Combine takes place in the Spring each year.

  • The Combines cost the NFL in excess of One Million Dollars.
  • There will be approximately 325 Players invited to the Combines.
  • Only 224 of the 325 Players that will be invited to the Combines will be drafted (not including compensatory picks)

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Players Association

The union for professional football players in the NFL.

NFL Players Association (NFLPA)

The National Football League Players Association is the union for professional football players in the National Football League. Established in 1956, the NFLPA has a long history of assuring proper recognition and representation of players’ interests.