Winston: Bucs WR Jackson taught him to be a pro

TAMPA — Wide receiver Vincent Jackson has done a lot more than just catch passes and score touchdowns during the four seasons he has spent with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The 32-year-old veteran also has played a role in developing some of the team’s younger players, including rookie quarterback Jameis Winston, who says Jackson has taught him how to be a pro.

“When you see Vincent come to work every day, you not only see a great man but a man who loves his job and a man who knows how to do his job the right way,’’ Winston said.

“It comes from taking care of his body, his stature and how he talks to another man and addresses his teammates. I’ve learned an awful lot from him, even about how to talk to defensive guys.’’

Winston said he doesn’t interact with defensive players as much as he does offensive players, so some players on defense may not know or even understand his personality.

He said Jackson, who was placed on injured reserve with a knee injury on Tuesday, has taught him to get over that hurdle and still get his message across in a respectful and effective manner.

“It’s hard to talk to somebody on the other side of the ball because I might not see eye-to-eye all the time,’’ Winston said. “But Vincent has definitely helped me with that and overall with how to be a professional in this league.”

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