Tennessee Titans Logan Ryan on pace to have a once in a decade season

Aside from being a two-time Super Bowl Champion and a great philanthropist, Logan Ryan‘s most fitting title might be “most slept on DB in the NFL” but let’s look at the numbers.

You can always say that a cornerback is good in the NFL when they don’t get targeted often and it is hard to prove or dispute. However, the real test is what that cornerback does when he is targeted.

So far this year, when opposing QBs have targeted Logan Ryan he has come away with 17 pass deflections and 4 interceptions. He leads the league in deflections and is just one interception away from tying the league lead there as well.

Now, those numbers are great but they don’t really tell the full story. Like other Tennessee Titans defenders, Logan Ryan is asked to do different things. Harold Landry is asked to drop into coverage, Rashaan Evans is asked to line up at 3-tech and rush the passer and the safeties are asked to float in the box every now and then.

Ryan’s additional responsibility is that he is asked to rush the passer, something he does extremely well.

With 3.5 sacks this season and 7 QB hits, he is having a seasons that very few defensive backs ever have rushing the passer.

So he is excelling as a pass rusher and in coverage, and is on pace for 6 interceptions and 5 sacks.

Here is a list of players that have done that in the last decade:

2019: Logan Ryan (projected)

That is it.

Wait, that can’t be right. Alright, let’s look at people who have done that in the last 20 years:

2019: Logan Ryan (projected)

2000: Rodney Harrison

That’s right, the only other person in the last 20 years to do that is Harrison and throughout NFL history only three players have done it (if we include Ryan) with someone named David Duerson accomplishing this in 1986 with the Chicago Bears.

So when you hear someone say that Ryan is having a season that you only see once in a decade, that isn’t hyperbole in fact it is understating the rarity.

Harold Landry, Derrick Henry, A.J. Brown, and others are all having remarkable seasons that could set Tennessee Titans records, but beyond that Logan Ryan is making history and we all need to appreciate what we are seeing.

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