Redskins’ Shawn Lauvao displaying athleticism, versatility at left guard

The addition of Redskins offensive line coach Bill Callahan has incorporated more movement from guards in the run game. Some considered run blocking as one of left guard Shawn Lauvao’s weaknesses in the past, particularly when asked to serve a pulling guard and set the edge. It’s only two weeks into the Callahan regime, but Lauvao has proved he can be an effective on the move.

“That’s probably one of the knocks on him was his athleticism,” Coach Jay Gruden said. “Coming in here he was more of power-type, phone booth-type offensive guard. But he’s showing his versatility this year, pulling and doing a great job. Protection’s been excellent. He and Trent on the same side are two big powerful men.”

The best example occurred in the 24-10 win over the Rams on Sunday, when Lauvao pulled to his left and set a nice block that allowed running back Matt Jones to bounce outside on a 39-yard touchdown run in the first quarter.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion,” said Lauvao of the criticism. “The one thing I will say about o-line play is it’s one of those positions where you have to learn it. It’s the only time you have to learn a foundation and kind of have everyone on the same page where we’re able to do a collective thing.”

In his second season with the Redskins, Lauvao said he feels more comfortable with another year of experience and the fact that he has a good teacher in Callahan as his position coach, one who stresses the fundamentals.

“You’ve got a guy who has been a head coach twice in the collegiate and professional levels,” Lauvao said. “Bill’s seen it and done it all. It’s kind of having that insight and guidance for someone who has been there and done it, you definitely gravitate to anything he might say because he’s seen it and done it. There is a method to his madness. He’ll always have us prepared and ready to go.”

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