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Logan Ryan, wife trade wedding gifts for animal shelter donations

NFL player Logan Ryan asks his wedding guests to donate cash to an animal rescue center instead of buying gifts after he and his wife met a stray dog on St Lucia

NFL player Logan Ryan and his new wife Ashley have asked their wedding guests to donate cash to a St Lucian animal rescue center after the pair met a stray dog while getting married on the island.
The pair were walking through the St Lucian town of Soufriere to have their wedding photographs taken when they came across the stray dog.
The Tennessee Titans corner back and their friends and family flew off to the Caribbean island last month.

Ryan posted about the encounter on his Instagram account. He said: 'While taking some wedding photos in the St.Lucian town of Soufriere we ran into this stray dog and many others like her.
'This one in particular followed us through the streets for 20 plus minutes. When we flew back to the states we were determined to help any way possible. We donated and we encouraged all friends and family that instead giving us wedding gifts to make donations to @helpaws, a St.Lucian based dog rescue.

'Just got word back that based on our picture they found this particular mama dog, named her Logan, and the donation paid for her Spay.'
His wife Ashley told The Dodo they were unable to bring their own dogs Nala and Leonardo to their wedding ceremony: 'We knew a destination wedding was best for us, but I did struggle with the fact that our dogs couldn't be involved.'
Ryan added: 'Dog rescue is with us wherever we go,' says Ryan. 'It's just something we're passionate about and want to make a difference in any way we can.'
Ashley added: 'Many people asked us beforehand about gifts. We just told them we were all set and suggested they donate to their local shelter or rescue instead. Most people wanted to donate to an organization that would be more meaningful to us.'


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