Giants’ Janoris Jenkins demands respect after shutting down Bengals’ AJ Green

Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins goes about his business quietly. He doesn't particularly enjoy speaking to the media and he doesn't talk much trash on the field. But after shutting down yet another elite receiver on Monday night, Jenkins demanded respect on social media on Tuesday afternoon.

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Jenkins channeled rapper Birdman, who (in)famously told a radio DJ to "Put some respek (sic) on my name" during an interview in April. Jenkins certainly deserves respect for his performance this season.

Jenkins spent much of Monday's 21-20 win over the Bengals matched up against A.J. Green, who entered the game leading the NFL with 59 catches and second with 896 receiving yards.

Green finished with seven catches for 68 yards and a touchdown on Monday night. But Green had just four catches on seven targets for 23 yards when covered by Jenkins, according to Pro Football Focus. Green's 13-yard touchdown catch in the first quarter came in front of Jenkins, who was in zone coverage.

"He is a great receiver, good hands and nice route runner," Jenkins said. "I just go out and do my job. I just play football. I do not worry about shutting anyone down, I just worry about doing my job. That is what I came out and did today."

Jenkins has been doing his job at a high level all season after signing an eyebrow-raising five-year, $62.5 million free-agent contract with the Giants in March. Jenkins may not get mentioned in the discussion of the top cornerbacks in the league, but his performance this season should change that.

"You talk about who's the best corner in the league this, that and the other. It's tough to even put him in that category," Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. said last week. "You see him every day and go against him. When you're asked who's the best corner, you don't think someone on your team. He's playing at the highest of highest levels. He's not really giving up much. He's been a phenomenal player since I've known him."

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