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Clinton McDonald provides food trucks with free food for post-Irma powerless

Tampa Bay's pro athletes continue to be generous in helping the community recover from Hurricane Irma. DT Clinton McDonald helped arrange for food trucks to provide free food in four Tampa neighborhoods still without power Thursday.

"The food truck was the No. 1 thing we wanted to do to serve the community," McDonald said as the Bucs prepared for Sunday's season opener at home against the Bears. "It's a humbling experience to be able to do it for the community. These are the same people that cheer for us each and every day, and support us 100 percent."

McDonald said he would continue to provide the trucks until power has been restored throughout the Tampa Bay area.

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"It's a definite need. It's food," McDonald said. "If I don't eat for an hour and I'm hungry, I turn into a different guy, kind of like the Snickers commercial. So I can just imagine how people out there who are trying to get through not having power, having to cut down trees in their yard, having a need for food, not just for them but for their families and their kids. It's a beautiful thing to be able to go out and affect the community in a positive manner."

For information on the next round of food trucks, follow McDonald on Twitter at twitter.com/ClintonMcDonald98.

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